Album – “Marginal at Best”



  1. U-Turn   [lyrics]
  2. The Enemy, He is Us   [lyrics] [stream]
  3. Voices   [lyrics] [stream]
  4. Dis-United States   [lyrics]
  5. I Played the Fool   [lyrics]
  6. The Door is Ajar   [lyrics] [stream]
  7. Cloudy Weather   [lyrics]
  8. Can’t Go Back to Yesterday   [lyrics]
  9. Rewind   [lyrics]
  10. Man Down   [lyrics]

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All songs written and produced by Margins of Society.
Recorded and mixed at Brown Dog Studio, Dunwoody, GA.
Engineered and mixed by Scott Shackelford
Mastered by Chris Griffin at Griffin Mastering, Inc , Atlanta, GA.
Cover photo by Mary Farmer at MFerPhotography
Cover art by Greg Harman