Album – Disconnected



  1. Welcome to the Human Race [lyrics]
  2. In the Groove [lyrics]
  3. Steep Climb [lyrics]
  4. Diminished Returns [lyrics] [stream]
  5. Buy the Name [lyrics]
  6. Disconnected (for now) [lyrics]
  7. A Part [lyrics]
  8. Even More [lyrics] [stream]
  9. Hereafter [lyrics]

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All songs written, performed, recorded*, mixed, produced, and copyrighted by Margins of Society ©2015.
Mastered by Chris Griffin at Griffin Mastering, Inc , Atlanta, GA.
*Some instrument tracks were recorded at RexTrax Studios.


“…a hugely satisfying record that covers a lot of musical scope…” -Fireworks Magazine Issue#74 (March 2016)

“…interesting in its diversity and ambition in presenting an album that throws a few curveballs and can’t be accused of settling into a comfortable rut.” -PowerPlay Magazine Issue#184 (March 2016)