Vatten K

Out on the sea
Water is me
Drift to and fro
All ebb and flow
Heat lifts us high
Vapor and sky
View with bird’s eye

Heavy heart
Too great to keep it up
I turn to ice
Flash freeze into monotony
Spiral down
Please get me out of me
Impact my fate
Freefall with great velocity

Soil brown in clay
Mixed with decay
Reach the clear stream
Impulse moves me towards the ocean
Lord, Give me the ocean
Mixing on into the ocean
Please, give me the ocean

Churning, turning
Cascade over the waterfall
Feel it all
Running to the ocean
Lord, get me to the ocean
Clarity, gravity
Path I see ahead
Transcend back to the ocean
Lord, Get me to the ocean

Water is me

Lead Vocals: Trevor
Guitar: Scott
Guitar: Marc
Bass: Nick
Drums: Greg
Written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and copyrighted by Margins of Society ©2019.
Album On The Edge by Margins of Society ©2019