You and Me

I’m just a man in a foreign land
I’m getting by just the best I can
With You, with me…
I’m looking forward to the promised land
I hear the real estate is in demand
With you, with me…
With you, with me…

Our fathers fought in the Second World War
They thought they cause was worth fighting for
For you, for me…
L.B.J., Great Society
To keep us fed and our heart be free
For you, for me…
For you, for me…

You and me, and me and you
You for me, and me for you
You and me, and me and you

Lead Vocals: Trevor
Guitar/Background Vocals: Marc
Guitar: Scott
Bass: Nick
Drums: Greg
Written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and copyrighted by Margins of Society ©2019.
Album On The Edge by Margins of Society ©2019